Assuring data integrity

Is data quality impacting your Learning and Talent Management applications?


‘…most vendors don’t appear to be paying much attention
to providing tools to resolve data quality issues.'

(Ref Fosway Group: HR Critical Realities Part 4 – HR Analytics 2016)


Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges

Implementations of Learning and Talent Management Systems (ITM/LMS) are often delayed and jeopardised due to legacy data quality and migration issues.

MDLman helps companies manage and solve this complex and important area, ensuring your implementation is delivered on time and your new system continues to perform.

Download our guide to running a successful Data Migration


Download our Data Migration Guide


“Without this tool it would have taken many more months to complete this task, with a higher risk to the data quality/integrity. This tool really saved us a great deal of time and effort.”

Ian Harrison – LMS Foundation Project Manager, BP

MDLman Data Migration Benefits

  • 90-100% improvements in data loads
  • 99% improvement in importing records
  • Up to 75% saving in labour cost
  • Available in-house or outsourced
  • Take control of your Data Migration
  • Experienced Data Migration Specialists
  • Quickly resolve legacy data issues
  • Predictable, reliable fees to resolve data issues
  • Resolve complicated data issues
  • Accurately transform your data for migration


MDLman can work with any ITM/LMS supplier. In addition, we have certified partnerships with Cornerstone OnDemand and Saba to ensure we are fully conversant with and able to support customers with their data migrations.

Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges