Assuring data integrity

Is data quality impacting your Learning and Talent Management applications?


‘…most vendors don’t appear to be paying much attention
to providing tools to resolve data quality issues.'

(Ref Fosway Group: HR Critical Realities Part 4 – HR Analytics 2016)


Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges

Integrated Talent Management and Learning Management Systems (ITM/LMS) need good quality data to work well. If data is corrupt, incomplete or in the wrong format – companies face considerable challenges in providing accurate reporting and analytics as well as operational issues. In addition, data issues will cause significant delays and additional costs when migrating from one ITM/LMS to another.

At MDLman, we help companies and implementation partners assess the quality of legacy data and then prepare, cleanse and reformat ITM/LMS data for a smooth migration process. Once complete, we can help maintain the quality of the data to ensure the new system performs to the expected level.

Expanding on the traditional Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, we have developed a ‘Cleanse’ step which we have applied to a number of projects and ITM/LMS providers. To find out how we can help you using this E’C’TL approach and the dramatic improvements and successes our customers have experience, please explore our website.


“Without this tool it would have taken many more months to complete this task, with a higher risk to the data quality/integrity. This tool really saved us a great deal of time and effort.”

Ian Harrison – LMS Foundation Project Manager, BP


Whether you are an end user company or an implementation partner preparing for an ITM/LMS migration or part way through a project, we can help you. The benefits are proven, so please read on to find out how we can help and work with you.

  • 90-100% reduction in data load failure
  • 99% reduction in records failure rate
  • 400% increase in data load throughput
  • 75% reduction in data load resources
  • Significant reduction in risk for migration projects
  • Reduced trouble tickets due to data issues
  • Increase customer satisfaction


We are able to work with any ITM/LMS supplier and have direct partnerships Cornerstone OnDemand and Saba to ensure we are fully conversant with and able to support customers with their data migrations.

Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges