Depending on when we were engaged, most of our projects fall into one of three categories.
Pre-migration, Migration and Production

data cleansing product  Pre-migration

Multiple data sources

The client was implementing a new LMS Cloud system for 1,000 internal users and 100,000 external users. MDLman provided technical consultancy and data migration skills to complete this complex 5 month project. The source data was extracted from a variety of sources: Workday iCloud; MS Dynamics (CRM database); and legacy applications that were mostly Excel spreadsheets. The services team used MDLresolver to analyse data such as Division, Location, Cost Centre, Position, Grade and CRM data which was then put into templates for the new system and loaded into a test environment. MDLresolver was also used for Classroom Training and Course Catalog data integrity checks and the set-up of regular data feeds. MDLman enabled the client to realise their very ambitious implementation timescales as we managed the transformation of the legacy data and data process ahead of schedule.

Global rollout

As project manager for the Master Data Feed process our consultant standardised the template management and data load processes to make them more efficient for this data migration project. Using MDLresolver the MDLman consultant improved the quality of data loads to the cloud-based LMS. This led to a rapid improvement in throughput and reduced the failed loads to zero for the 600 data loads carried out on this major global rollout project.

Data migration  Migration

Multiple teams

MDLman was asked to project manage both the internal and external teams (including some offshore) for the implementation of a new cloud-based LMS. The project involved extracting the people and organisation data from two different sources (SAP and MS Domain Database) into an Infomatica database. From there the MDLman consultant transformed the information into the correct format to load it into the new LMS. This involved testing the data, loading it into a test environment for the new LMS and then setting up a regular daily data feed process. Before MDLman was engaged the project had suffered multiple delays in setting up the basic data feed process. Within 10 days we had achieved the first data loads after a 5 month delay.

data cleansing  Production

Data integrity issues

The client encountered data integrity issues during the deployment of a Global eLearning system. MDLman’s consultant used MDLresolver as deduplication software and for data integrity checking of all 30,000 courses in the Course Catalogue. This enabled them to implement a process to extract the Course Catalogue data, verify it and update all the courses with the correct information. This was a major success and led to a dramatic improvement in data quality and reduced the Course Catalog by 60%, which saved unnecessary time spent on maintenance and improved management reporting.