Cornerstone Data Migration

As specialists in Cornerstone data migrations, we’ve developed specific software and processes to ensure the smoothest Cornerstone migration.

Before we start a Cornerstone Data Migration, we analyse your existing data using our unique data migration software, MDLresolver, which will flag up any potential issues before they become big problems.

Our expert data migration team will then tailor your existing data to ensure the smoothest transformation across to Cornerstone. MDLresolver gets you one step ahead, preconfigured with the Cornerstone standard templates in place, ready to transform your legacy data.

Our thorough quality assurance process constantly searches for potential issues with your Cornerstone Data Migration before they cause problems, ensuring a successful load into Cornerstone.

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“Without this tool it would have taken many more months to complete this task, with a higher risk to the data quality/integrity. This tool really saved us a great deal of time and effort.”

Ian Harrison – LMS Foundation Project Manager, BP

MDLman Cornerstone Data Migration Benefits

  • 90-100% improvement in data loads
  • 99% improvement in importing records
  • Up to 75% saving in labour cost
  • Available in-house or outsourced
  • Take control of your Cornerstone Data Migration
  • Experienced Cornerstone Data Migration Specialists
  • Quickly resolve legacy data issues
  • Predictable, reliable fees to resolve data issues
  • Resolve complicated data issues
  • Accurately transform your data for migration

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