Data Migration Software

Our data migration software is designed to help you at all stages of the data migration lifecycle.

Data Migration Software with MDLresolver

To manage the whole data migration process, MDLman developed MDLresolver – a clever piece of data migration software that significantly streamlines and speeds up every part of the migration. Used by the MDLman Services team, MDLresolver is accessed either on-premise or as a hosted option depending on security requirements. It is also available for rental use should a company wish to conduct some of the migration work in-house.

Product Features:

Simple to use InterfaceMDLresolver has been developed using Microsoft technologies. It is a standalone application and installation is very simple.

Handles large complex data sets – Our data migration software handles extremely large volumes of ITM/LMS data quickly and easily. Data can be either linked from a secure server or loaded directly.

Source Data Load – Data is loaded from the source or legacy system in a variety of file formats into MDLresolver through a simple Upload button. There is also a full audit log available.

Source Data Exception Reporting – The source data is validated against known criteria and logic to identify all exceptions and errors, providing an accurate picture of how much work is required to correct them.

Source Data Cleansing – The source data is cleansed using the ‘Filter’, ‘Cleanse’ and ‘Deduplication’ functions to automatically remove and modify all exceptions ready for transformation.

Source Data Transformation – The cleansed source data is Transformed into the target system data format using pre-defined templates held in MDLresolver ready for loading into the target system.

Full System Template Support – Our data migration software already contains many templates commonly used by popular systems. Additional ones can be quickly created to reflect systems not currently supported.

MDLresolver avoids data load failures – data which has been cleansed and is in the correct format can be exported ready for loading into the target ITM/LMS. Data migration software which has the added benefit of being able to set the byte order mark (BOM) to avoid data load problems.

Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges

MDLresolver can be configured to cleanse data using a set of templates and validation rules to match those of the target ITM/LMS system.