Tools for Data Analysis

Our data analysis tools are designed to help you at all stages of the data migration lifecycle.


The development team at MDLman created MDLresolver – an E’C’TL piece of software to speed up and simplify the problems they frequently encountered on various data migration projects. There are three key phases where MDLresolver can be used effectively: pre-migration, migration and production. The best time to introduce MDLresolver is at the pre-migration phase because this prevents data issues further down the line.

Solving your ITM/LMS data validation & migration challenges

MDLresolver can be configured to cleanse data using a set of templates and validation rules to match those of the target ITM/LMS system.

Data Migration Software

MDLresolver handles large and complex data sets

MDLresolver can handle large volumes of ITM/LMS data. Each set of data is loaded directly into MDLresolver where it is analysed and validated against set criteria and any data errors are identified and reported. The reports are easy to review because data errors are grouped by type and highlighted in colour. This makes it easy to fix commonly recurring data errors in batches or with automation. Data sets can also be filtered and cleansed within MDLresolver until no more data anomalies are reported. The clean data is then transformed according to specified templates in MDLresolver ready for data load into the target ITM/LMS.

MDLresolver has common pre-set templates for loading into the most popular ITM/LMS systems including CSoD, Saba, NetDimensions and others. It is flexible enough to accommodate any system and it is easy to set up additional bespoke templates to reflect your particular data requirement and system. Using MDLresolver,  you can quickly create new templates from any input, Excel or CSV.

MDLresolver avoids data load failures

Once the cleansed data is in the correct format it can be exported as a CSV, TAB or Excel file ready for loading into the ITM/LMS. Sometimes a data load fails because of incorrect formatting, MDLresolver has the added benefit of being able to set the byte order mark (BOM) to avoid this problem.

MDLresolver is easy to use

MDLresolver is used by our team of consultants for all our projects. Alternatively, if you want to manage the project yourself, you can use MDLresolver on a short or long term rental contract to suit your needs. If you choose to do this, we will train your in-house team on how to use the software. MDLresolver is simple to learn and the basics can be mastered in a few hours. Once you commence using it, we can be on-hand to support you during a project to ensure your success and will provide any updates as necessary.