LMS migration

Why is it so important to carry out a data integrity test and data cleansing process as part of your LMS implementation?

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We provide a data cleansing service for LMS data migration projects using our data cleansing tool MDLresolver. We actually become involved during one of three phases

Data Migration Solutions


Data Migration Solutions


Data Migration Solutions


Data Migration Solutions

Pre-migration – data preparation

The best time to look at existing data is right at the start of the an LMS implementation project and should form part of an LMS implementation checklist. Going through a data profiling process makes decision making easier. Project managers can more accurately identify the amount of effort required to clean data and fix data integrity problems in the new system. Using our data cleansing tool MDLresolver makes this process quick and easy.

Data Migration Solutions

Implementation – LMS data migration problems

Many companies start a new Learning Management system project without considering potential data migration problems. It is only when they are asked to provide data for the new LMS system that they encounter data transfer problems. This puts additional stress on the already stretched IT and Learning and Development departments particularly if they try to fix the problem themselves. This leads to project delays, increased costs, end user dissatisfaction and even potential interruption to business.

At MDLman we have the experience of fixing data migration problems and using our MDLresolver data cleansing tool to quickly resolve these common problems with LMS data migration projects.

Overcoming data migration problems

We are often recommended by learning management system providers when their customer encounters problems during the data upload phase of the project. As this is part of the critical path even slight delays at this stage are harmful to the success of the project. MDLresolver goes beyond a means of mapping data from a legacy system to the requirements of the new system. It can also reformat the data, remove unwanted characters and highlight any inconsistencies that may prevent a successful data upload

Data Migration Solutions

Live – Fixing common production data and integrity problems

Any system is only as good as the data entered in to it. There may be a need to remove duplicate data, carry out address verification or fix data integrity problems where links have been broken. This situation might even arise in a new system if the data cleaning process wasn’t done throughly prior to data load. All these problems can be addressed quickly and easily using MDLresolver.