Over the last 6 or 7 blogs I have tried to provide you with and insight into what’s involved, what needs to be done and in what order to affect a successful data migration. As I’m sure you can see, it’s a non-trivial and complex process and worthy of the attention it deserves and certainly justifies a significant place in your implementation plan. I hope you can see that by ignoring or underestimating the importance and potential work involved would inevitably cause you problems and could jeopardise the whole project.

At MDLman, we have seen countless train wrecks, where companies have failed to thoroughly investigate this area and it is only a matter of time when in the whole implementation process you suffer (and you will suffer) what we call Data Shock – the uncomfortable feeling you experience the moment you realise that poor, incomplete and corrupt data has derailed your implementation plan schedule. And trying to resolve these problems against tight deadlines is never an ideal environment in which to think clearly. Our advice is to build a comprehensive data migration plan into the preliminary stages of any new system procurement to ensure you understand both the time and associated costs involved in de-risking your project.

To help you, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions to start the process and to gain an early understanding and appreciation of what’s involved:   

About your current system

  • How accurate is your current reporting?
  • Is data ownership clear and known?
  • Are there any data access constraints?
  • What is the current quality/integrity of the data?

About the proposed system

  • Do you know how much time/effort is involved in getting the data into a suitable format and of the right quality ready for migration?
  • Is the mapping and transformation between your current system and new target system fully understood?
  • What test and control measures need to be put in place to ensure a successful migration
  • Is there a detailed budget line on the project plan which calls out all the things to be completed for a successful migration?

Just asking yourself these questions should begin to highlight what you and potentially your implementation partner and vendor do not know and should cause alarm bells to ring. My advice would be to have a chat with us as soon as you are thinking about a move. We can provide you with a blueprint for a successful migration and stress-free implementation.

Our initial entry point is to conduct some simple analysis on your current system’s data and to highlight some of the potential issues you may be facing. And once you know which system you are going to move to, we can provide a more comprehensive, costed plan to manage the migration. We have a flexible engagement model and are happy working with you or your implementation partner in an advisory and/or a hands-on capacity. The choice is yours, so do make that choice and give us a call today.