October Release

data load analysis

• Report button removed replaced with new excel icon, less clicks to produce report and flexibility to view before saving
• Analysis process approval log now included in ETL report, see data load management
• Files that are to be attached (attach control) are now checked to ensure they are in correct format for choice
o i.e. will not allow user to load a .txt TAB formatted file if choice is for PIPE or CSV format
• Improve colour highlighting on analysis errors
• Rejects UTF8 BoM formatted files, there is outstanding work to be completed in December release.

data load management

• Improve email error messaging including new check for Outlook format
• Transform process, improved design – detects if Filter process is required to be executed automatically
• PreVal improved design – detects if Clean process is required to be executed automatically
• Reports – Excel Icon added
• Reports – ETL Log to contain extra fields from Data Analysis Audit Log
• Reports – For Load specific reports – flexibility to view before saving
• When a user creates a load file if any fields within that load are mandatory and have not been populated the user will get a warning message

data management

• No longer need to execute filter or clean on this screen as default will be set to run in auto mode on the data load management screen
• But if a user wished to manually process then the Clean function is only visible for Target loads and Filter and Dedupe functions only visible for Legacy loads
• Combined PreVal & Validation button now available on this screen can be useful during setup of validations rules where the user wants to run many times.
• Clean function only visible for Target loads and Filter and Dedupe functions only visible for Legacy loads

Next Release (January 2021)

data load analysis
• Approval process, check that analysis has been completed before been approved
• Improved SQL attachment process to enable user to create own attachment config to external SQL DB tables
• Introduce further checks for .txt file types ANSII, UTF 8 and UTF8 BoM formats
• Validate file names to ensure there are no spaces and the name only has the ID and template name separated by one underscore.
• Warn a user if they attach same file name twice with warning message
• Introduce Oracle table attached feature

data load management
• Improved Transform Mapping reporting and export
• Design and develop protype for Customer Exceptions Recommendations Report

data management
• Create new date format (ZT) for ISO-8601 Date UTC offset format
• Multi Lookup exception showing in Field Value e.g just the error subject, but should show complete field value. Note for multi lookup put in “Multi Lookup” in acceptable values.

data comparison
• Change to new excel method to report load differences.

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