Data migration projects for LMS systems experience unnecessary delays

We want to fix that

Kevin Mason – Founder & MD

The idea for the MDLman tool came through experience of managing many large and small deployment projects and the issues faced with moving legacy data from one system to another.

These included two major deployments of the new breed of SaaS Talent cloud applications, both in large corporations. In 2010 I joined Cornerstone OnDemand which gave me insight from a supplier viewpoint of the challenges faced with new deployments of SaaS cloud applications, particularly the data issues faced by the customer trying to ensure their data was ready, cleansed, formatted and fit for purpose. It was this that led to the idea of a tool but it was not until August 2015 that MDLresolver was implemented in BP to manage 13 Cornerstone OnDemand eLearning templates.

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Since then we have made many improvements and will continue to develop the product and build templates for other cloud applications. MDLresolver is not tied to any one system/product, any templates can be created and configured.


  • Programme data migration Lead Consultant – BP
  • Technical Implementation Project Manager – Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Senior Project Manager – Royal Mail Plc

Jackie Atkinson –  Principal Data Consultant

Jackie is a veteran data analyst and is expert in interpreting and analysing data for driving business solutions. She has developed and implemented databases and data collection systems that optimise data quality for several large corporates such as BP, Royal Mail and Reuters. She has significant experience handling large scale data migration projects within the learning and HR space.

Jackie heads up the development team and Freelance Data Consultants and is also involved in the design and maintenance of MDLresolver templates and validation rules.

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David Bailey – Senior Data Consultant

David has over 30 years of IT experience. He began his career as a COBOL programmer which provided him with a good insight in the importance of interpreting and understanding data and its impact on business. This focus on data continued throughout his career where he progressed to becoming an expert in Oracle Business Intelligence EnterpriseEdition working in organisations including Royal Mail and CSC.

David’s primary role is configuring MDLresolver and providing the necessary training and support to help customers get the most out of this powerful tool.

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Our story

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the problem of data migration. The idea for MDLresolver came from the experience of managing many LMS system projects.  Over the years, the MDLman team experienced data challenges, where data issues slowed down projects and created unnecessary tension between vendor and customer. In general, not enough focus was placed on data integrity and this caused significant problems for everyone.

The problem was most acute in new LMS application deployments, where the responsibility for data integrity rested with the customer. With such large and complex data sets typical in Learning and Talent Management projects, the question was how to do this efficiently and cost effectively. The idea for MDLresolver and the company was conceived, with the first deployment successfully completed in August 2015. The resulting benefits of this project were considerable:

  • The failure rate for data load files on to the target system was reduced by 90%
  • The failure rate for detailed records in load files was reduced by 99% through consistent data validation during data migration process using MDLresolver
  • The throughput of data loads improved by up to 400% because target system suppliers had faith in the quality of the data
  • Cost savings were achieved by reducing the amount of team resources required for the data load process by 75%
  • The in-house team was able to process implementation data load files with more confidence, removing the need for costly outsourcing of data cleansing activity
  • The end user and customer satisfaction improved


Assuring data integrity requires a considered and different approach. In response, we have brought together a team of seasoned data analysts and consultants who have experienced these issues first hand and are expert in applying MDLresolver to the problem and in training the customer how to harness it for other applications.

Much of the experience and background for developing MDLresolver was gained supporting the data migration and deployment of Learning Management Systems, but we know that MDLresolver can be applied and add value in other application areas such as ERP, CRM, etc.

Since the first implementation, we have worked with a number of other data migration and LMS system implementation projects, continually improving the product and service we offer. Our company is becoming recognised by both customers and vendors as a key contributor to MS system implementations. With proven products and services that deliver real and sustainable benefits, we continue to win new customers and partners. We hope you will become one of them.

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