Data migration projects for ITM/LMS systems experience unnecessary delays

We want to fix that

Kevin Mason – Founder & MD

The idea for my company MDLman and for MDLresolver came through my direct experience of managing many large and small deployment projects in house and the issues we faced with moving legacy data from one system to another. This included two major deployments of the new breed of SaaS based ITM’s for two large corporations including Royal Mail.

Later in my career, I joined Cornerstone OnDemand in 2010 as a technical implementation manager which gave me insight from a supplier viewpoint of the challenges faced with new deployments of SaaS applications, particularly the data issues faced by the customer trying to ensure their data was ready i.e. cleansed, formatted and fit for purpose.

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I had now seen the data problem from both sides and could see there was better way to approach this challenge.  So in 2013 I formed my company MDLman with the aim of developing a better and more structure approach. Over the next couple of years my small team worked on a new framework and also developed a piece of software MDLresolver that would streamline the whole process. It was not until August 2015 that MDLresolver was commercially implemented in BP to manage 13 Cornerstone OnDemand eLearning templates with spectacular results. Realising we had a winning solution, we productised MDLresolver and continued to develop and expand it to cover more ITM/LMS vendors; and at the same time, I expanded my team of consultants to manage the increasing number of projects we were invited to work on.

I now want to grow my company to the next stage and am currently exploring new avenues for growth using implementation partners.

MDLman today

MDLman has grown since its inception in 2013 to a thriving data management consultancy. We now have a team of seasoned data management experts and consultants and a clever piece of software MDLresolver which enables us to streamline and accelerate data migrations and assure ongoing data quality.

Although our experience and software were developed in the ITM/LMS space, we realise that the same approach and software can be applied to wider set of applications such as ERP and CRM and we are now developing a set of skills to meet the needs of this market.

Today, our company is becoming recognised by both companies and suppliers as a key contributor to the success of their projects. With a proven product and complimentary services that deliver real and sustainable benefits, we continue to win new customers and hope you will become one of them.

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